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Welcome to Ride In Peace

We at Ride In Peace wish to give bikers, motorbike enthusiasts and non-bikers alike an exclusive, non-traditional, memorable final ride in style to celebrate their way of life.

The Story

At a bikers funeral the customary show of respect and honour for a biker is in the forming of a cavalcade of motorcycles riding behind a traditional car funeral Hearse that is carrying the deceased to their final resting place.

Many years ago whilst attending a funeral of a very close biker friend I was at the back of the motorcycle cavalcade that came to a stop on the motorway. As I looked above the sea of motorcycle helmets towards the Hearse in the distance it occurred to me that following a car Hearse is not in fitting to one living a lifestyle lived around motorcycles. I wanted to break from the traditional funeral Hearse and set about custom building a Trike Hearse as a tribute to our loved ones and send them out in style on their final ride.

Contact Us

You can contact us directly and we will liaise with the funeral director of your choice.